Circle Jig CJ001

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Now you can route perfect circles with the Burl Hunter circle jig!
All hardware is included with mounting screws for a Dewalt router.
Also included is a center puck that can be used if you do not want to drill a hole in your project for an anchor point.


  1. Mount your router to the jig using your existing screws or the ones provided
  2. Determine what diameter circle you would like for example: if you would like a 36" diameter you want to divide 36 by 2 which equals 18"
  3. Slide center peg to 18". That is from the inside of your router bit to the center of your peg
  4. Now that you have your jig measured for a 36" round drill your 1/4" hole in the center of your cut medium.
  5. Set the peg in the hole. 
  6. Note: you have to determine what the depth you need to cut. Not recommended to cut deeper than 1/4" per pass so if you have a 1" piece of plywood you will need to make 4 passes.
  7. Place both hands on the router.
  8. Turn on your router and plunge the bit into the wood and start to rotate clock wise.
  9. Now you are off creating perfect circles.

See it in action! 



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