Stone Coat Supercast Thick Pour 1.5 Gallon Kit

Stone Coat Supercast Thick Pour 1.5 Gallon Kit

Stone Coat Supercast Thick Pour 1.5 Gallon Kit

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**This Thick Pour Super Cast Epoxy is designed to be poured over 3/4'' per pour**

This material is designed to fill very large voids in raw wood slab tops.  Stone Coat Casting resin is unique because normal Stone Coat can only be poured in thickness of 1/8" per coat.  Stone Coat Casting resin can be poured up to 2" thick depending on the size and mass of your project. This product is designed to be slow curing so heat will not be generated and "over cook" the epoxy.  Make sure and use a normal Stone Coat flood coat over the top of Stone Coat casting resin because you'll need the scratch protection.  Stone Coat Casting resin is not designed as the final coat.  This product is NOT to be used for normal 1/8" flood coat pour.  This is a 1.5 gallon kit mixed at 2:1   Mix this material slowly with a paint stick not a drill, then when trying to pop bubbles pop then as you pour 1/4" at a time then add more material and continue to torch as you go to get a crystal clear deep pour.  For stubborn areas heat the tip of a screwdriver and pop the deep bubbles with the hot tip of the screwdriver.

Thick Pour Super Cast Epoxy has a longer cure time which can cause the metallic powders to settle, look softer and more toned down. We encourage you to periodically stir up the Casting epoxy with a paint stick to add swirls and designs into the Super Cast Epoxy. Because curing times will vary depending on thickness of your project and the temperatures in the room, you will need to check on your Casting Epoxy project throughout the curing process to ensure your 3D Metallic effects stay vibrant.

An important part of using Casting Epoxy is to keep it from getting hot and overheating the epoxy. When pouring large masses of material you may still consider doing this in multiple steps. The Super Cast is designed to be poured thick and works amazingly for river tables and thick pours, however large voids or extensions to tables can cause the product to self generate heat and fail. Unexperienced folks should error on the side of caution and pour multiple pours. Excess Moisture in the substrate and humidity will cause the epoxy to set off and heat up. When Super Cast is used in small masses it will slow the drying time but it will still cure.

We do not recommend pouring large clear areas that you want to remain crystal clear unless you have tested the thickness and clarity you desire on a smaller test project.  You can use our metallic powder additives, glitter, mica, or base color tints to color and tint this product.

Click here to watch us show how to use our Casting Resin

Pro Tip-

Run a fan across the surface of your super cast project to keep the project cool while curing!

This product is not recommended for pours greater than 2" at a time.


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