Quick Cote Gap and Seam Fill

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Watch our informational video on Quick Coat. Click here.

Quick Cote is designed to fill seams, gaps, cracks, and small voids.  This is a Zero VOC product that is sandable in 3 hours at 75 degree temperatures.   Quick Coat has a 15 minute working time. You can embed steel bars in your wood slabs of fill cracks in a live edge, from seams in countertop applications to knot holes this is what we use to address many different needs we run into.  You can use our metallic powders to color the quick cote. Mix a 1:1 ratio of part A and Part B for 2 minutes with a drill, then add the thickener if needed. Voids that go all the way through a piece or seams should be thickened. The more thickener you use the less runny the quick cote will be.  Only mix up enough for what you will use quickly. For large voids and river tables use Stone Coat Countertop casting epoxy. Call anytime with questions.  This kit come with 1 quart of Quick Cote Epoxy and 1 quart of Thickening powder.  Wear a mask when using the thickening powder, it's light weight and floats around in the air. 

Click here to watch us use Quick Coat to install steel bars in wood slabs

Click here to watch Quick Coat be used as a crack filler


***The epoxy thickener with this product is CAB-O-SIL, This product should be applied using a respirator, it's very fine and will float in the air.

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